Profit from our expert knowledge

The rapidly and productive deployment of simTOL®; the overcoming of inhibitions; the fundamentals of statistical tolerance calculations. These are the aims which we pursue in the framework of a simTOL® TRAINING, so that you can successfully carry out you own statistical tolerance calculations with confidence.

simTOL® is a powerful software tool. The effective and profitable deployment of simTOL® is significantly improved if the user has at their disposal a good basic knowledge concerning the meaning of individual tolerance parameters and their influence on the results.

For this reason our training seminars are designed so that, above all, the essential fundamentals of statistical tolerance calculations along with the handling of the software, are imparted to the participants.
In addition, we offer on-site training for pilot projects. The experience gained in this knowledge transfer with our experts constitute an ideal basis for subsequent independent work on other projects.

Our training seminars are:

  • designed as in-house events
  • inclusive hard- and software-equipment
  • intended for up to 8 participants per event
  • from 1.5 days in duration
  • customizable according to your requirements

The core themes of the simTOL® TRAININGS are:

  • simTOL® – functionality und operation
  • From the assembly to the tolerance chain
  • Meaning and allocation of tolerance parameters
  • Editing and calculating tolerance chains
  • Linear and non-linear calculations
  • Interpretation and optimization of results

In addition to this we offer:

  • Knowledge and experience transfer via pilot projects