With a simTOL® DEMO license you have the opportunity to put simTOL® through its paces, testing all its functionality and handling. The license is valid for 14 days.

Please use the order fax (PDF) to order a simTOL® DEMO license.

WibuKey driver

You will get the driver for the simTOL® software protection on the CD provided which integrates with the setup routine. If you should later require a newer version of the driver, you can find it on the manufacturer’s web page:

WibuKey Runtime-Kit (Win 32 and Win 64)

You can find out which version of the driver you are currently using by looking at the Control Panel: choose ‘WIBU-KEY’ and then the ‘About’ tab.

ATTENTION: You should only install newer driver versions after you have consulted our support team!

Installation under Windows 7 (64 Bit)

The Installation CD which has been delivered up to now can, in exceptional circumstances, lead to problems during installation of simTOL® under Windows 7 (64 Bit). Specifically: in the control panel, the software protection environment cannot be opened. Consequently it isn’t possible to set up the hardware protection. Without these settings, simTOL® can’t communicate with the dongle and the application won’t start.

In order to correct this, it is possible to do a manual installation of the the WIBU-KEY software. To carry out this subsequent installation, on the CD you will find in the sub-folder ‘Wibukey’ a file ‘WkRuntime64.exe’, which you should execute manually. Alternatively, you many download the latest version on the manufacturer’s web page.

Please contact us if you have any questions.